Sunday, September 17, 2006

Webb answered; Allen waffled

On a zero-to-ten scale Jim Webb gets a six for his solid performance. George Allen earned a four, at best, for his.

Moreover, Webb’s camp won’t have to release a bunch of post-debate spin to control the damage. That, while George Allen’s apologists are going to be as busy as bees for the next few days trying to explain away his waffling on the biggest question of the debate -- do you stand with Sen. John Warner, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, or do you stand with President George Bush? On which side of the torture chasm do you stand?

In spite of his saying he wants to be the “bridge” between the Warner Committee’s position and Bush’s, Allen seems not to know what to do. So, he’s stalling. In contrast Webb is taking a clear stand. That’s leadership.

This week the torture issue will be at the top of the news and Bush is going to continue to take a beating. Webb should to continue to press Allen on this issue as hard as he can.

Now is the time for the Webb bloggers to go to work -- this gift-wrapped issue is the one that can turn this election.

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