Thursday, September 07, 2006

High on the Hog 30

High on the Hog 8 (1984)
High of the Hog 30 will unfold on October 7 at its usual location, Richmond's Libby Hill Park. That’s right folks, it all started way back in 1977.

This year the annual throwdown’s impresario, Chuck Wrenn, has booked a lineup that should be quite a draw, all four acts have a rich history of previous appearances: The Bopcats will open, to be followed by the Memphis Rockabilly Band. Then the Good Humor Band will take to the stage when the party should be at its height. The Billy Price Band will close the show.
High on the Hog 11 (NRBQ in 1987)
This event wrote the book on outdoor Rock ‘n’ Roll shows in Richmond. Now the guys who started it watch their children and grandchildren do much of the work.

As always, admission is free; the party runs from noon to sunset. The food and drink sell this way: barbecue plates -- $7; golden beverages -- $3; soft drinks -- $1. Proceeds will go to the Church Hill Association and The Church Hill Crime Watch.

High on the Hog 24 (2000)

Photos: F.T. Rea


Anonymous said...

don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but perhaps we should all check this link out:

Carol said...

OK, can I just say...
I see your point about the whole not eating hogs page you posted, but honestly (and this is coming from a bleeding heart liberal) don't you think you should pick you battles? I mean of all the things in the world to concentrate on why make this a fight? Its a party, and its a fun one. Not a war or torture or bad legislation or even a mass pig eating for crying out loud. Its ONE DAY for people to get together and enjoy the enjoyable parts of life.
All I am saying is that this is why the liberal movement can't get anywhere, we whine about everything. Not thats its not a valid point, but for christs sake its a petty one.