Saturday, January 01, 2005

Wilder Comes Home

In STYLE Weekly F. T. Rea looks at Richmond's new mayor, former Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder, and what may be in store for the city in 2005 as a result of Wilder's landslide win in November.

"To understand better how a Mayor Wilder may operate, other than to gleefully fire a few high-visibility officials, it’s useful to remember how this 73-year-old man has built his career in politics. Since his election 35 years ago as a senator representing Richmond to the General Assembly, he’s been a pragmatic populist who grasped that if one doesn’t gain the trust of the establishment, governing successfully becomes unlikely. Sure, a politician can win an election on personality, or riding a hot issue, but to get anything done the cooperation of the most important business leaders in the community is usually essential.

"In short, Wilder’s charm and practicality have served him well."

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