Friday, September 01, 2006

Cornwell after 1993's election

Flashing back to 1993’s election, which put George Allen in the Governor’s Mansion and put Mary Sue Terry out to pasture, here’s another tidbit on the Patricia Cornwell connection. The cartoon frame above appeared in the issue of SLANT (a little ‘zine I published then) that followed Allen’s victory.

A few days later at Happy Hour in the Texas-Wisconsin Border Cafe (1982-99) an old friend mentioned to me that Cornwell had seen the ’toon in SLANT and had gotten a big kick out of it. Cornwell was aware he knew me, because of a T-shirt I had designed for her. At the time that friend was in charge of an extensive renovation that was being done on her Windsor Farms mansion.

Anyway, a couple of days later in the Border, on my birthday, the same friend presented me with a (first edition) copy of Cornwell’s then-new novel, “Cruel and Unusual.” Sardonically, he said it was from The Princess, his name for her, which meant what it meant. A scan of what the author wrote in signing the book is below.

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Anonymous said...

Allen has another ad out touting his fight against online predators.

I wonder when Allen will put out an ad about his position on spousal abuse?

Why don't you ask Senator Allen about his position on domestic violence? I think his answer may surprise you.