Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dogged by Monkeys

Having gotten an inquiry earlier today from a blogger I’d never have imagined would be interested in the availability of a particular T-shirt of mine, I want to say, yes, “Pay No Attention to the Monkeys on My Back,” with a rather haggard-looking George Allen on it, is still available to Republicans with a sense of humor for the same price it is to Democrats or Libertarians.

Perhaps Kilo, the inquiring blogger, has seen the cover of The Weekly Standard which (see below) features a variation of my image’s concept on it and it sparked, so to speak, a sudden interest in my political art. (Yes, mine was published first.) The cover story itself, written by Matthew Continetti, is an eye-opener, considering the magazine is known as a leading neoconservative voice.
Here’s an except of “George Allen Monkeys Around: Forget the presidential campaign. Can he still win his Senate Race?”

“...As it turns out, a bunch of folks. In recent weeks, Allen has gone from presidential contender to embattled senator. His mishandling of a name-calling incident, and his ham-handed denial and subsequent revelation that his mother was raised Jewish, have almost eliminated him from the field of serious presidential candidates and even jeopardized his Senate seat. While still trailing in the polls, Allen's Democratic opponent, the author and former secretary of the Navy James Webb, has pulled within striking distance.”

Now I want to remind political aficionados, who enjoy campaign collectables, there are currently two designs available online through cafepress which have my ‘toons imprinted on them; the other one has a caricature of Dick Cheney with the line, “All Dick, All the Time.” To see the preview page with those two designs, plus other non-political images, click here.

Over the last 20-some years I have published a few sets of illustrated cards, each featuring a series of my 'toons on a topic. One which was particularly popular was the series of 15 'toons based on the 1994 Virginia Senatorial race, which you can read about and view by clicking here. Check out the 12-year-old Larry Sabato caricature. Sabato liked it enough to buy the original art and 12 sets of cards.


James E. Martin said...

The Last Cartoon is great!

Eoghann said...

The Allen cartoon would have been much funnier if one of the macaca's had a video camera.