Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hail to Mark Brunell!

Hail to the Redskins! Washington 31, Houston 15.

No doubt, that song was sung in many rooms this afternoon. And, some of those singing, while cheerfully hoisting their adult beverages, were saying only yesterday that Washington quarterback Mark Brunell’s play was the chief reason the team was winless this season. Some fair-weather Redskins fans even published their wishes that he’d receive a career-ending injury in today’s game.

Yet, in today’s action in Houston, Brunell established a new all-time record for consecutive passes completed in a NFL game -- 22 in a row -- when he hit Santana Moss in the third quarter for a six-yard gain. Given a little time to maneuver by his offensive line Brunell looked like an All-Pro today.

Given how he was blistered this past week on the sports-talk airwaves, Brunell is entitled to enjoy an adult beverage or two, himself. Today the offense was crisp and efficient. I don’t know what role Al Saunders played in the transformation. What I saw today was a team that looked like a Joe Gibbs-coached team.

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