Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Donald Q. Trump

Yesterday's bizarre performance by Donald “Q” Trump has presented an opportunity, a gift, to Democrats. By the way, the “Q” is for “quisling.”

First of all, I'm hoping the Democrats national spokespersons and its 2018 crop of candidates don't find a way to squander this fresh opportunity. It's not about fundraising, or votes in Congress, or what legislation to call for. It's about crafting an uncluttered message and driving its points home.

This is a time when good leadership is essential. And, more than the usual geezers need to be in the war room. Democrats should assemble a crackerjack team of speech writers and other propaganda experts.

Today, if not sooner, words need to be selected to frame what has just happened in such a way the unvarnished truth is plain to see – our ship of state has drifted far into uncharted, dangerous waters.

America needs a course correction, pronto.

Treating Trump's Quisling Press Conference in Helsinki as just more Trump dishonesty, just more evidence of something, is the easiest damn way to squander this gift.