Sunday, September 24, 2006

A-Team's cartoon reach

Today’s penalty flag must be thrown on the A-Team blog, which is trying to give us a bogus history lesson on European political art, in order to muddy the water surrounding Sen. George Allen’s awkward performance this past week, to do with his Jewish roots.

Today, on Rosh Hashanah, the inflammatory name of Julius Streicher was invoked by the A-Team to try to score some cheap points on Allen’s opponent, Jim Webb.

Well, it says here the person who made this post has no idea what he/she is talking about, art-wise, history-wise, or any other way you want to slice it. To compare an amateurish handbill which mocked Harris Miller about his role as a wealthy lobbyist to anything from the 1930s to do with Nazis and Streicher is pitifully absurd.

My best advice to the A-Team is to go back to ranting about Webb being a "fiction-writer" and stay away from posing as if you know something about a subject you clearly don’t.

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David Weintraub said...

Thank you for putting these offensive poseurs promptly in their place. That post actually left me, temporarily, speechless. That doesn't happen often.

Well said.