Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gerner is listening to performing arts ideas in Richmond

This message came in from Don Harrison of Save Richmond:

"John Gerner, who was brought in by the mayor so that there could be actual arts professionals working on the Carpenter renovation and the arts center deal, is looking for ideas, suggestions, complaints, etc. and is waiting to hear from people. You can be anonymous if you want."

From John Gerner:

"Everyone with constructive information and ideas can e-mail me directly or use the contact page. All messages sent to the address or from the web form come directly to me alone. An additional benefit of the fill-in email form on this web page is that the return address box is optional. Someone can send me a message using this web page and it is totally anonymous."

Harrison winds it up with this:

"[Gerner] needs to know that there are people out there concerned about the direction of the project, and especially from those who are wary of the VAPAF's approach. He’s listening and he has the ear of the mayor (supposedly). So, if you have a moment, and an idea or a complaint or comment to share about where the city should go on this, bend Gerner’s ear."

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