Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bush deserves to be mocked

President George Bush’s speech from the White House was a new low point. For him to shamelessly use the fifth anniversary of 9/11 to deliver what nothing more than a boilerplate political speech, once again justifying the costly occupation of Iraq, was utterly galling. It reminded me of listening to President Richard Nixon lie on television, looking right into the camera’s lens, over and over again.

Yet, after using Monday night’s somber occasion to trot out more manipulative campaign propaganda, trying to hold onto control of Congress, this smug son of a president may have even outdone himself. Although I never thought I’d say it of any man or woman -- I’ve come to believe that our sitting president is worse than Richard M. Nixon was, as far as how much he has hurt America.

The damage the reckless Bush administration has already done will take years to get over/be paid off. Who knows how bad it will get before the feckless Bush leaves the White House?

Furthermore, with his neoconservative foreign policy agenda Bush is more dangerous to the world’s living creatures than Nixon ever was.

Like Nixon was, Bush has become pure poison to American values to do with fair play and honest dealings. Like Nixon, Bush has made all of us more cynical. But Bush II, The Decider, is presenting a face to the rest of the world that is hurting America abroad in ways I fear are inviting the worst sort of trouble tomorrow ... “Bring it on.”

Like Tricky Dick was for his 20 years of post-presidential life, Dubya now deserves to be mocked and reviled for the rest of his days.

Note: Updated with a bit of a rewrite at 1:30 p.m., same day.


Anonymous said...


Your eloquence is well spent today F. T.

Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Boilerplate political speech?

He did not mention any particular political races or parties.

I guess I might agree with you if I was more convinced the Democratic Party was interested in promoting peace. Unfortunately, many Dems are still supporting the "middle of the road" on the path to hell.

I say this as someone who is strongly against Bush and all he stands for and has been against the war from the begining.