Wednesday, November 24, 2004

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R-TD: Gag Rule Might Expand

Links to other web sites offering background or reactions to the story of the slain Harvey family have been added and removed, as needed, since this post went up in the wee hours of January 3rd. Readers should feel free to comment, report broken links, or make suggestions. And, thanks to those readers who are helping with the updates.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Harvey Family Remembered (its entire collection of articles)
Forum: Harvey forum (many pages of comments from readers)
Deadly week in Richmond

Other News & Commentary
John Sarvay's Buttermilk & Molasses (a number of posts)
Don Harrison at Save Richmond
Hollywood Reporter
Rolling Stone
LA Times: Death of a Skyrocket
CNN: Men Charged in Slaughter
N.Y. Daily News: Pals of slain rocker find solace on Net
WRIC: Harveys Remembered
AP: Police consider suspects concerning other crimes
TimesOnline: Obit
Richmond Democrat: Suspects Arrive in Richmond; Charges Explained Where do we go from Here?
NO-IDEA: Farewell, Harvey Family
Three Wheels: All Things Must Pass
The Blue Raccoon: World of Tears
Washington Post: Brutal Slayings Shock Richmond
Sarvay at Buttermilk & Molasses: Holding Onto the Memories
SLANTblog: Harvey Segment on Dateline

Oz Geier's photo gallery
House of Freaks @ GAPD (four pages of late-80s publicity photos)

Background & Tribute
9X: House of Freaks: Remembering The Great, Original Guitar/Drum Duo
Work Magazine profile of Kathryn Harvey profile of Kathryn Harvey
World of Mirth
Also Also: Bryan Harvey and the New South Gothic In Remembrance Ask Bryan (fanzine interview)
Jalpuna: Please remember him well
Trouser Press: House of Freaks
Save Richmond: Bryan Harvey interviewied by Andrew Beaujon (2004)
Elizabeth Cougar for STYLE Weekly: Kathryn Harvey's Imaginative Eye
Greg Weatherford for STYLE Weekly: A Real-Life Love Song
National Review: Remembering Him Well
Henrico County Leader: Devoted father
Rhino Magazine: Bryan Harvey Remembered Well
Rhino (2004 reissue): "Monkey on a Chain Gang" (w/audio samples)
Rhino (2004 reissue): "Tantilla, Plus" (w/audio samples)
Pop Matters: Review of House of Freaks' 2004 reissues
Rhino: Remembering Byran Harvey by Steve Wynn

Memorial Endowment
SLANTblog: Harvey Memorial Fund Established
Radio PSA's to Spotlight Memorial Fund

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