Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Lambert gambit

Here’s what’s waiting for Jim Webb's supporters if they get identified with a Trash Benny campaign -- you will be called “racists.” Then Webb will be challenged to distance himself from your "racism."

Here’s how the stretch of a racism charge will be made: Allen’s camp will say Webb and his supporters “seem to expect” an elected black official to side only with Democrats. Then they will say that expectation is a form of racism that is peculiar to white liberals, who take black voters for granted.

If that charge is made, no doubt Webb’s camp will try to laugh it off, but some of it could stick.

Will they fall for the trap? Will they attack Benny Lambert, or just let it go? Will they ruin Jim Webb’s chance to energize a large turnout of black voters?

Can Jim Webb, the leader, muzzle his blog dogs this time?


JPTERP said...

Interesting take. I have no doubt that your read is exactly what's going on.

As far as the blogs go, Webb has control over paid staff, but most blog supporters are no different than the average person off the street. In the case of both campaigns, these supporters do not officially speak for either campaign.

I'm sure that Allen's team would try to spin the blogger posts into something, but this is just like the case of the Allen supporter at the Roanoke Gun Show a few weeks back who had an Allen sign next to the table with confederate flags and Nazi memorabilia. No newspaper worth its salt will pick up on that kind of story.

Even if a newspaper did report this I doubt it would have the same impact as a candidate speaking directly into a camera saying something extremely stupid.

This move shows me is two things:
1. If the Allen campaign is trying to pull off this gambit, then they really are reaching. Even with the huge cash advantage I keep getting this sense that the Allen campaign is in something pretty close to a free-fall. The 52% NO vote in Mason-Dixon as far as Allen's presidential ambitions are concerned is a pretty loud statement from Virginia voters.
2. Webb obviously needs to make a more concerted effort to reach out to black leaders. He's taken steps, but he needs to raise the priority.

Ron said...

Webb supporters are too busy canvassing and doing other volunteer work. We have no time to blast anybody. May I also remind you that we don't necessarily vote based on an elected official's endorsement.

Anonymous said...

If Webb loses, I'm guessing a sizable number of Virginia Democrats will be very happy indeed to watch Lowell Feld and his ilk fade back into irrelevance. I'll be one of them.

Anonymous said...

To say that Webb needs to reach out to black leaders is insulting. Black voters are starting to wake up to the lack of results that blacks getting from the go nothing democrats. Way to go Lambert. Thanks for endorsing a candidate who actually has done something for blacks.

F.T. Rea said...


You say, “...If the Allen campaign is trying to pull off this gambit, then they really are reaching.”

This is nothing new to politics. Why do you say it’s a reach? Seems to me it’s politics, as usual.

anonymous (10:14 PM),

Who are you trying to kid?

Your comment is an example of why many bloggers don't allow anonymous comments. Don't push me.

JPTERP said...

It's definitely politics--I won't dispute that.

Part of this is that I'm aware of where Allen currently stands in the polls, I understand some of the tactics that Allen has used in past campaigns, and I understand the history of his current campaign staff--this certainly colors my understanding.

Not all voters will have this background, so perhaps they would be willing to view Allen's actions less skeptically. I see your point.

Anonymous said...

F T Rea,

You are a wise man...I hope the VA Dems are able to unite and pull it together bro.

I understand your wish to block anonymous bloggers. If you do this, I understand...but I will have to fall silent for a while and wait for Blogger to kille the bugs in their beta program that prevent me from publishing under my name.
But you'll know from this that I haven't stopped reading your blog.

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