Friday, September 29, 2006

Best annual outdoor party in Richmond

The Bopcats (1995)
Music lovers, barbeque addicts, people watchers and party animals should remember to set aside next Saturday afternoon, Oct. 7, for High on the Hog 30. What has grown into an institution started in 1977. It all happens every year on Libby Hill, east of Richmond’s Downtown.

The four bands booked for this year’s mammoth party represent a worthy best-of-the-early-’80s show, in that they all played the event in that era. And, all were quite popular for good reasons. They are: The Bopcats, The Memphis Rockabilly Band, the Good Humor Band and the Billy Price Band.

Click here to visit the High on the Hog 30 web site to get all the details regarding directions, the day's schedule, etc.
Bill Coover of the Memphis Rockabilly Band (1984)

Art: F.T. Rea

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spankthatdonkey said...

I hope Ben "Cooter" Jones brings the General Lee so he and James Webb can do some good ol' politicking, glad handing, back slapping and a baby kissing in style!

Yup, Man that would be great, because it is held right there under the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument!! Man that sure is one "tough looking" ride too.. orange, got that big ol "Southern Cross" Battle flag on er...

Yeah, I hope to buy you a beer there Terry :-)