Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Bounce

This week’s online sports column, The Bounce, looks at Richmond’s Detroit Tigers connection:

"As Major League Baseball's regular season winds down to its finish, area baseball fans may be looking to find a team to pull for. The two closest franchises to Richmond, the Baltimore Orioles (64-85) and the Washington Nationals (65-84), are going to sit out the postseason. On top of that, this year the Atlanta Braves' string of 14 consecutive division titles is coming to an end. Although Atlanta (72-77) may still have a mathematical chance of making the playoffs as a Wild Card entry, don't hold your breath.

"Instead, perhaps you should consider a breath of fresh air: the Detroit Tigers (89-60), a team with three of its best players - Sean Casey, Brandon Inge and Justin Verlander - having solid local connections, are still very much in the hunt for postseason play..."

Click here to read the rest of it at Richmond.com.

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