Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Stuff of Sausages

For a worthwhile Internet source on what's going on at Virginia's General Assembly session take a few minutes to look over the Waldo Jaquith blog. In general, the political commentary at Waldo Jaquith is sharp and entertaining. The ongoing GA coverage is a hoot; here's part of the most recent post, "Honer edgakation funding":

"...There’s a pack of old white guys shambling about the halls of the General Assembly advocating selling the organs of undocumented immigrants. (Or something like that.) They’re all wearing buttons that say 'STOP: Honer the Rule of Law.' Some of them have scrawled the letter 'o' over the 'e' in 'honer,' but the first impression has, alas, been made."

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Anonymous said...

That's awful nice of you to say. :)

I'm in the senate P&E meeting now, and I'm afraid that, thus far, it's considerably less entertaining. Some the senators are disappointingly unclear with existing campaign finance law and can't seem to understand the purpose of the bills in front of them. It's an interesting discussion on express advocacy and the role of non-profits in campaigns, I guess, but some of these folks need to take a brief class in campaign finance law.