Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Harvey Ceremony

Candles and Shared Grief
The service for the Harvey family at the Unitarian Church tonight seemed to help many of those who attended -- strength in numbers. The mood of the ceremony itself was understated. There was no music. That will come later. And, when it does, I’ll be there, come hell or high water.

Many of the faces in the overflow crowd were familiar, the local arts/music community was well represented. There were tears and hugs aplenty. After the simple ceremony a candlelight vigil was held outdoors, behind the church. Some testified through sobs, most just stood and felt the vibe. I was surprised somewhat that the television crews actually showed restraint -- no bright lights or microphones in peoples’ faces until it was over.

Who can remember a blow to this city's collective psyche as bitter and difficult to grasp as this? As for me, I went to the memorial service with my daughter, Katey, who grew up in the Fan District, her husband Brian and their two children, Emily, 9, and Sam, 7, who both go to school at Fox.

Now I’m so glad we went as a family and had dinner together later. Emily and Sam are doing OK. I hope Stella Harvey's other schoolmates are taking it as well. Like so many other children familiar with Carytown, the funhouse mirror in front World of Mirth, Kathryn Harvey's shop, is a playful memory my grandchildren will probably carry with them forever.
Photos by F. T. Rea

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