Friday, January 13, 2006

Beaujon's Bryan Harvey Interview

At Save Richmond, Andrew Beaujon's 2004 interview with Bryan Harvey provides good insight into the reasons for House of Freaks, in the first place, as well as reasons for the two-man band's inability to make a bigger splash in the long run.

"...But also the production values. Johnny [Hott] and I were trying for a much more primitive sound. We were trying to go for this front-porch recording sound that we heard in the Son House records. We wanted it to sound like an old blues record. We were working at a time when the industry was still kind of in the new wave days -- big reverb, big drum sound. That sort of mid-'80s sound. We kept fighting the same old battles: 'You see this expensive rack of equipment? Turn it off.' And they'd turn down maybe half a notch. We'd say, 'Keep going. Keep going.' Finally you just get tired of fighting those battles. Afterwards, the lo-fi ethic became a little bit more fashionable."

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