Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kaine Sharpens a Point

In comments today Gov. Tim Kaine signaled his concern about an issue that’s a sure winner for Democrats -- the illegal domestic spying being done by Bush operatives in the name of chasing enemies.

"'Whether it's a technical violation of the law or not, I think the clear intent of the law has been bypassed,' Kaine, a Democrat, said about the National Security Agency warrantless eavesdropping program. 'Leaders who do that suggest you can treat laws and rules in an instrumental way and when it serves your purpose you don't need to follow them. And I think that that's dangerous,' Kaine said at a breakfast meeting with reporters."

That quote is from this Richmond Times-Dispatch article.

This issue is almost risk-free. In the long run, only the most diehard Bush supporters, crazed hawks and neoconservatives are going to support the president's lame position that he can do whatever he likes if he snaps his fingers and claims its part of his War on Terror. Realistically, what’s that? Probably somewhere between 25 and 30 percent of the voters, at the most. And, that's a hardcore group no Democrat will ever get. So, who cares if they squawk about attacking Bush for being a law-breaker?

The upside of the strategy of decrying Bush's disregard for the law is huge. Most voters don't want a president who thinks he's above the law. As long as Kaine stays on this point -- Bush is not above the law -- Kaine is speaking as a lawyer and as a governor protecting his constituents‘ rights.

This loose legal thread has the potential to unravel into many other areas, some which may prove quite embarrassing to Bush. That's if its pulled hard enough at the right time. This isn't about policy. It's about the law of the land.

OK, I'll get SLANTblog's review of tonight's televised political drama posted, ASAP. No doubt, Virginia's blogs will be going full steam tonight.

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