Friday, August 18, 2006

Now, what to do with the murderer?

Today's Richmond Times-Dispatch covers the trial of the man who yesterday was found guilty of murdering the Harvey family in their home on Jan. 1, "Life or death for [Defendant No. 1] ?" written by Paige Akin Mudd.

“‘And now,’ Barry [the prosecutor] told the jurors, ‘you know why we want the death penalty.’

“The defense didn’t present any evidence at the end of yesterday’s guilt phase. [Defense counsel] Everhart said later, ‘It’s the verdict we expected.’

“Now, he and co-counsel Ted Bruns are hoping that evidence of [Defendant No. 1’s] alleged childhood abuse and substance abuse will convince the jury that his life should be spared. For example, [Defendant No. 1] told Richmond police he was on the drug PCP when he killed the Harveys.

“‘It's not an excuse, it's not a justification, it’s a fact,’ Bruns said, adding, ‘[Defendant No. 1] has led a tragic, violent life. [Defendant No. 1] will die in prison. The only thing to be determined at this point is how and when.’”

Click here to read Mark Holmberg’s column, “If humanity is gone, can life be taken?

To follow today’s reports with frequent updates go to the RT-D’s trial blog. But be warned that some of the descriptions of the victims’ ordeal is likely to be quite graphic. A condensed and toned down version of the reportage will continue to be presented in this space.


In the Advocate, based in Baton Rouge, music critic John Wirt (formerly with the Richmond Times-Dispatch) writes of the disaster that hit Richmond on Jan 1, 2006 -- the murders of the four members of the Harvey family in their home. Click here to read, “Deaths of musician and family left Richmond, Va., in shock.”

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