Friday, August 18, 2006

Allen's gift to Webb; use it well

This will be a relatively short post, rather than another diatribe. A recent post by Vivian J. Paige has driven me to make one more attempt at trying to be as helpful as I can to some fellow bloggers with whom I agree with about who ought to be Virginia’s next senator -- Jim Webb.

The best way to keep the Macaca gaffe story churning -- and helping Webb -- is not to continue to throw racist charges at George Allen, as if he had just burned a cross on Richmond civil rights hero Oliver Hill’s front lawn. Plus, by using old racial terms that have a lot of baggage -- words you may see as the most attention-getting equivalent of what Allen said -- you may be getting a lot of hits on your counters, but that doesn’t automatically mean you’re making new friends for your candidate.

The story now is the goofy series of denials from Allen’s camp. It’s Allen’s other awkward moves to make the story go away. It’s the silly contortions his defenders have twisted themselves into, in order to defend their man. It’s the stupidity of his acting like a bully, in the first place, demeaning an opponent’s volunteer -- while that volunteer is rolling tape in a video camera. Since it’s difficult to understand how Allen could have made such a blunder if he was sober, it’s the suggestion he was anything but sober.

Hey, the mainstream media are already all over the racial angle, so they hardly need more goosing on this aspect of Allen’s colossal blunder at Breaks from the bloggers most closely associated with Jim Webb’s campaign. The mainstream media need fresh material to keep the story at the top of the news.

So, I say -- make ‘em laugh. Accordingly, I’ve tried to set an example. Now I’m asking again, politely, without citing anyone in particular, do Webb’s chances a favor and lay off the use of extreme language that makes some people/voters you should care about uncomfortable to read.

Allen has given Webb a gift; use it well.


Alice said...

Maybe we should hit Allen from another direction.

Anonymous said...

We're still in the anger phase. We should continue attacking. This phase ends Sunday afternoon, after the Sunday morning news shows have gone off: then we begin the ridicule.

eirishis said...

F.T. Rea, though I may be on the other side of the entire issue (I think the blog community has jumped to way too many conclusions), I respect this post. If this must be an election issue (I'd much prefer a campaign on the issues affecting Virginia and the nation, rather than a race on race), it should be done with some class, and it should be done in the way you describe - critiquing Allen's professionalism and that of his office, talking about him being out of touch with the "real world" he claims to know.

Somehow, I don't think that will happen, though. Too many "anonymous" supporters out there. And it doesn't help when an influential blogger like NLS is too busy lighting fires.

Alice said...

How is race not an issue facing the nation?

Bob Griendling said...

F.T., I think you're on to something. Calling him a racist only hardens some of his support. I got a feeling we'll have plenty to ridicule and let him die a thousand cuts.

F.T. Rea said...

Alice Marshall, anonymous, bob griendling,

Allen has given Webb the very issue he needed most -- Allen himself.

Who is George Allen?

Other than to strike focus-group-driven right-wing poses, what has Allen ever done for working Virginians? Isn't he embarrassing to all Virginians who still care about civility?


Race is an issue if you make it so. As it happened, Allen did. I just don't want the whole Webb effort to focus on that, alone. This gaffe is about so much more.