Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jury finds defendant guilty in murder trial

Verdict: Guilty!

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch blog the defendant put on no defense today. Thus, it must be assumed the only efforts the defense will make in its own behalf will be made during the penalty phase of the trial -- hoping to avoid a death sentence.

In his summation Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael N. Herring used pictures on a plasma screen to document the most horrific aspects of the crime scene, and he said, in part:

“'[The defendant] showed the Harveys no quarter, and we showed no quarter when we charged him,' Herring told the jury as he outlined the five capital murder charges against [defendant No.1] stemming from the New Year’s Day slayings of Bryan, Kathryn, Stella and Ruby Harvey..."

“The gruesome photos caused several jurors to well with tears. The pictures also appeared on a laptop that faced the prosecution table and could be viewed by members of the Harvey family. At the sight of the photos, some family members dissolved into tears.”

Update from RT-D blog:

"[Defendant No. 1] is guilty on all five counts of capital murder in the deaths of the Harvey family. The jury of seven women and five men returned the verdict about 1:45 p.m., after deliberating for about a half hour. The trial now begins its sentencing phase. After testimony from prosecution and defense witnesses, jurors will decide whether to recommend that [defendant No.1] receive the death penalty or life in prison."

For background on this ongoing story about the murders of the Harvey family, and this trial click here.

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