Saturday, August 12, 2006

Harvey vigil set

On Jan. 3, the first of the vigils for the slain Harvey family -- Byran, 49; Kathy, 39; Stella, 9; Ruby, 4 -- was held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church on Blanton Avenue (just north of the Carillon in Byrd Park).

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 7 p.m. another service for the Harveys will be held there. On Monday the first trial for one of the two men charged with the New Years Day murders will open. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

"...The Rev. Alane Cameron Miles said that in the seven months since, she has counseled more than 200 people troubled by the slayings. The church's Sunday's event is meant to offer help with the grief and emotions that a trial can provoke, she said. Although the Sunday event is being called a vigil and will involve the lighting of votive candles, Miles said it is really a service. She said the event is meant to bring hope and calm to the community."

If the reader is not familiar with this tragedy, for background on the story of the Harvey family click here.

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