Monday, August 14, 2006

Harvey grants announced; murder trial to start today

As reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in "Grants honor Harveys" by Will Jones, the first grants to honor the memory of the slain Harvey family have been announced:

“One grant will help fund arts programs to spur expression and creativity among disadvantaged youths. Another will help build songs from words and phrases of children mourning the loss of a loved one. Yet another will get youngsters charged up about the theatrical arts. “Bryan and Kathryn Harvey would approve. At least, their family and friends think so. The Harvey Family Memorial Endowment has approved its first three grants to honor the creativity, generosity and kindness of the South Richmond couple found slain with their two young daughters in their home Jan. 1...”

Update: Defendant No.1 has plead "not guilty" according to AP: "Man pleads innocent in Va. slayings of 4."

Meanwhile, yesterday the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Paige Akin Mudd wrote about the first trial of the two men charged with murdering the Harvey family.

“...Beginning [Monday], prosecutors will present evidence they hope will convict [defendant No. 1] of four gruesome New Year's Day murders in a South Richmond basement. [Defendant No. 1], 28, goes on trial this week in the slayings of Bryan Harvey, 49; his wife, Kathryn, 39; and daughters Stella, 9, and Ruby, 4; in their home on 31st Street in Woodland Heights.

“He faces five counts of capital murder -- one for each violation of the capital-murder statute. The trial in Richmond Circuit Court, which is expected to last through the week and possibly into next, will hinge on a statement [defendant No. 1] made to a detective after his arrest in Philadelphia on Jan. 7. Because of a strict gag order imposed by Circuit Judge Beverly W. Snukals, attorneys and investigators have revealed none of the details of that statement.”

Here’s a second RT-D link to a sidebar story on the trial.

Note: SLANTblog will post links to the trial coverage, but I will not write the names of the two defendants who have been charged with the murders. In this space they will continue to be called defendant No. 1, or defendant No. 2. I want no part of making their names well-known. For plenty of background on this story click here.

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