Friday, August 18, 2006

Carpenter Center legal question

This heads-up came in from Don Harrison at Save Richmond, via Ptaylor at Richmond City Watch:

'It appears that the City of the Future appropriation for the Carpenter Center does not comply with the Richmond City Charter. The Ordinance 2006-81-122 adopting the budget correctly references section 6.19 of the Charter. The standards for the preparation of the budget are set in section 6.03 of the Charter.

'Sec. 6.03. Preparation

It shall be the duty of the head of each department, the judges of the municipal courts, each board or commission, including the school board, and each other office or agency supported in whole or in part by the city, including the attorney for the commonwealth, to provide at such time as the Mayor prescribe, estimates of revenue and expenditure for that department, court, board, commission, office or agency to supply all of the information which the mayor may require to be submitted thereon.'"

Note: Ever the detective, Harrison pulls it together with this:

"The Carpenter Center is wholly owned by VaPAF. VaPAF is not a city department. VaPAF is not a court. VaPAF is not a board, commission, office, or agency. There is no provision for private organizations not on the above list to participate.

"Which of the above organizational entities is legally authorized to act on behalf of VaPAF to submit revenue/expenditure data to enable the transfer of city capital budget funds to a private entity?

"Just asking."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Terry. But actually it's PTaylor who is the detective on all of this. He caught this and it's all him. I bow to his expertise in reading and understanding city code. I'm just the pass-along. Thanks, Don