Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where's the Roast Beef?

"How far will it go?" asks CNN. "That's what many nervous officials in Washington are wondering as they brace for what is showing signs of becoming the biggest influence-peddling scandal in decades. An investigation that began nearly two years ago into whether lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associate Michael Scanlon bilked six Indian tribes out of $80 million now looks as though it could touch dozens of lawmakers, their current and former staff members and Bush Administration officials."

With Virginia's 7th District congressman Eric Cantor's name on the list of 33 lawmakers who reportedly received $830,000 from Abramoff's clients, and who coincidentally then helped scuttle plans for a casino to be built by rivals of the lobbyist's clients there's this tidbit: "At the lobbyist's delicatessen Stacks, Abramoff even named a sandwich after Congressman Eric Cantor at a $500-a-plate fund raiser in January 2003. (Cantor later asked the deli to switch his namesake sandwich from tuna to roast beef on challah.)"

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