Monday, November 07, 2005

Five Weasels!

This image, the infamous Weasel Meter, is but a small part of the pro-Kaine propaganda available over at Raising Kaine, a web site utterly devoted to electing Tim Kaine as Virginia's next governor. If you're looking for reasons to take the time to vote for Kaine, or against Kilgore, they've got plenty for you to consider. More than you'll need. By the way, five weasels is as high as the Weasel Meter goes.

At last, on election day the hammering attack ads, the endless-loop talking points and the chattering opinion polls go quiet; they are history.

Question: Now, after four solid years of this campaign to replace 2001's winner, who's going to win this time, for sure? Answer: The ad agencies, the hairdo consultants and the pollsters. For that bunch the next gubernatorial campaign begins tomorrow. So, don't pack up that Weasel Meter yet.

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