Saturday, November 05, 2005

Donkeys Smile at Polls

Too close to call is still the operative phrase for the Virginia gubernatorial race, but the good news for the Kaine camp is the numbers are trending its way. It's hard to believe anyone who really plans to vote can't see clear differences between Kilgore and Kaine, and could be "undecided."

Still, it seems undecideds who do end up voting usually ride with whatever is the 11th hour trend. Do they feel the vibe and want to watch their picks win the game on TV later?

Rasmussen Reports (Nov. 4) "Kaine has clearly benefited from his relationship with current Governor, Mark Warner. Warner continues to hold a 72% Job Approval Rating in the current poll."

Kaine 49%

Kilgore 46%
Potts 2%

Mason-Dixon (Nov. 4) "Potts said, 'Kilgore is the most inept, pathetic candidate to ever run for governor in my lifetime. And I believe he would be the worst governor in the history of Virginia.'"

Kaine 45%
Kilgore 44%
Potts 4%

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