Monday, October 20, 2008

Wilder slams would-be mayors

Apparently Mayor L.Douglas Wilder doesn't like the tone of the politics this season. No, this post isn't about Obama and McCain going after one another. It isn't about robo-calls across the state.

It is about the candidates running for mayor in Richmond. Wilder is unhappy about how some of them are talking about him.

You didn't know this race was about Doug? Well, if you read his piece that appeared in the Sunday Commentary section of the Richmond Times Dispatch, you'll understand.

One candidate for the past three years has used his position on the City Council simply to further his political career while continually disparaging and undermining the city.

Another candidate, who opposed the direct election of the mayor both before and after the people approved it by a margin of four to one -- and even protested to the Justice Department that the change would violate the Voting Rights Act -- now wants to lead them. A third candidate who many thought had the potential to be a new leader has shown no recognition of any positive change that should be continued.

Click here to read the entire piece, "Would-Be Successors Just Don't Make the Grade," which comes across mostly as petty criticism of any politician who dares to suggest that Wilder's style of leadership over the last four years has been disappointing.

Of course, Hizzoner means well ... mean is easy for him.


Tom said...

I read that and agree that you can't find anyone to say a nice thing about our city. Your posts are disappointingly usually similar to the negative attitude found in the campaign. Too bad because this city is an even greater place if we found ways to make it better rather than harp on the negative so constantly.

F.T. Rea said...


Actually, I've been to a few of the mayoral forums, and followed the campaign as best I could. For the most part, what I've heard from the candidates is criticism of Wilder's style of leadership much more than negative things about the City of Richmond, itself.

But politics is not about cheerleading. It's about solving problems using the taxpayers money.

Wilder's piece in the newspaper was petty and self-serving. The RT-D shouldn't have published it as commentary. It should have been a letter to the editor.

Preston M. Yancy said...

Mr. Wilder is a sick joke on the body politic of Richmond. He blew a golden opportunity. The Mayor needs to be a consensus builder, diplomat and team player. Mr, Wilder is a power thirsty, power drunk bully, egomaniac and grandstanding super star. His departure cannot come soon enough.
Preston M. Yancy

Anonymous said...

Wilder DID do a great service by helping us get to the point where citizens can elect the Mayor. But I started to seriously question his agenda when he enabled the white elephant downtown arts center to crawl out of its own grave.