Tuesday, October 21, 2008

post-graph theatre

OK. I know I've got to split off my sudden video craze for old movie shorts and music videos from SLANTblog. Now there's a separate place for the new YouTube fascination -- the post-graph theatre.
This is the first post for my new blog. While less than a manifesto, it should give my reader a sense of what I intend to do here.

This new blog -- post-graph theatre -- comes after five years of doing SLANTblog, so, this is yet another spin-off from that first blog.

Of course this effort has everything to do with my show biz jones that stems from my days as manager of the Biograph Theatre (1972-83) and promoting live music shows (1978-95). Plus, I once had a radio show -- The Number 9 Show on Color Radio (1982-84) -- where I could play whatever I liked at the moment. Most deejays don't get to do that anymore.

Ever since those times I have missed finding and presenting movies and music to audiences.

At this web site I will present both short films and music. The posts will fall under two categories: the Rebus Cinema and the Number 9 Show. For now, my source will be YouTube. We'll see, down the road, where this experiment takes us.
Click here to read the entire post and peruse the post-graph theatre web site.

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