Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Harrison on Goldman's departure

Once again Save Richmond's publisher Don Harrison does a good job of summing up a local political story, speaking from a perspective that many thoughtful Richmonders -- including a few bloggers, in particular -- share with him, as it is unfolding.

All-Star blogger Harrison comments on the exit of idea-machine Paul Goldman from the mayoral race.
No, Goldman wasn’t running a distant fourth in the Mayor’s race because he didn’t have ideas — he has had those in spades and perhaps a few too many. Goldman was lagging behind because he never received support from the rich Republicans who have traditionally pulled Richmond’s puppet strings — Robert Grey is their candidate (look for the RTD endorsement soon!) — or from developers salivating over precious river views — those would be Bill Pantele’s people — or from a tired city Democratic machine responsible for the kind of go-along leadership that provoked the city to begin electing its own mayor in the first place — that would be the voting block pushing Dwight Jones. This is Richmond, remember — we run in packs.
Click here to read Don's entire post, "Out of the Box."

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