Thursday, October 09, 2008

Humes: Richmond mayoral race a 'snoozefest'

At RVANews, Pete Humes writes:

...In contrast, the Richmond mayoral race is not interesting at all. Not in the least. And that’s why I suggest that if the candidates really want to electrify this process they need to get people excited. Like the young folks say, they need to “kick it up a notch” and “get this party started.”

But that’s probably not going to happen if we leave it up to the candidates. So far, they’ve run a sleepy campaign that’s been free of outrageous accusations, dangerous smears, and extramarital sex. That can change. It should change. And we have the power to do it.

How? We spread change by spreading rumors. Juicy, vicious rumors.
Click here to catch up of Humes' view of local politics, "The Unrecognizable Truth."

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