Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Payne: RDC endorsement of Jones violated by-laws

The Richmond Democratic Committee endorsement of Del. Dwight C. Jones for mayor is looking shaky, according to an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Eric Payne told a five-member Democratic party appeals panel tonight that he was not aware when the vote was taken on Sept. 25 that committee rules do not allow new business to be introduced at party meetings.

"That is my oversight," Payne told the review panel in a conference call that included representatives of four of the five mayoral campaigns. The call was open to the media.

Click here to read the news, as written by Michael Martz.

What will the RDC do next?

Moreover, will voters -- the Democratic party is powerful in Richmond -- see the move Jones forces made to garner the endorsement as too slick, or merely aggressive campaigning? And, will any of the four other candidates find a way to make this brouhaha work to boost their campaign?

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