Friday, October 31, 2008

Handy Mayoral Election Guide

This election season I've been writing on politics for (an entity that's in the news today because Media General just bought it).

To give my SLANTblog readers, such as they are, a concentrated dose of the mayoral race -- which a lot of people have just gotten around to noticing, because they've been so focused on the national race -- here are links to some of those articles.
Sept. 25: The Mayoral Debate
Oct 7: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders
Oct. 16: Goldman Wins ...
Oct. 22: The Wilder Factor
Oct. 28: Mayoral Issue No.1: Regional Cooperation
Oct. 29: The 15th Debate
Oct. 30: Batter Up! The Return of Baseball as an Issue
Beyond my coverage there are a few other bloggy sources, in particular, I'd like to point you toward. Reading some of their coverage might help you, if you're one of those undecided voters. These web sites have presented many thoughtful posts on the mayoral race, so look around.
Buttermilk & Molasses
Save Richmond (Updated)
Richmond Good Life (Updated)
RVANews (Updated)
Daniel Farrell's video highlights of 3rd Mayoral Debate (at RVANews)
What occurs to me now is that it's a shame there weren't mayoral debates on television this fall. Perhaps it would have helped some candidates more than others. For sure, it would have helped the process of selecting a mayor a lot.

More links to sources for information on the mayoral race are below:
Rachel DePompa's Blog (WWBT Channel 12)
InRich Mayoral Page
Finally, for a good overview look at the McCain vs. Obama race in Virginia click here to go to RealClearPolitics' page for it. At this writing RCP's poll averaging system has Obama ahead by 6.5 percent.

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