Monday, July 24, 2006

The Weekend That Was

For what it was worth, the Weekend Without Echoes has come and gone. At this point I can’t say what effect it has had, or is likely to have down the road. However, I want to thank everyone who saw fit to play a role in the experiment.

By that I mean everyone. So thanks to the bloggers who put themselves on the list of participants. Whether they actually lived up to the spirit of the project doesn’t worry me. Thanks to those bloggers who decided to post something to be a part of it, although they didn’t get on the list. Thanks also to those who chose to put down/undermine the concept of a three-day vacation from copycatism, in some cases with their trademark bluster. Yes, in the big picture you participated, too, whether you meant to, or not.

One of my Weekend Without Echoes colleagues who deserves a special thanks is Vivian J. Paige. To whatever extent the project was a success, she deserves much of the credit.

It was an experiment to encourage some writers to mine their own experience for material, rather than mostly criticize what others have said. By the way, in spite of what others said, to me, this project had little to do with battling the mainstream media, or striving to be their equal. No, I simply wanted to encourage some politically-minded bloggers to think for themselves and write accordingly, if only for three days.

For some of us it provided a deadline to finish something. Anyway, there’s lots of stuff to read, some of it probably wouldn’t be there except for the weekend’s challenge to write using firsthand experience. Now, those of us who compulsively analyze will do that.

More later...


Vivian J. Paige said...

I had big plans to write on a number of interesting (at least to me) topics over the weekend but life has a way of getting in the way. Even so, it was a great challenge to write without referencing the MSM in doing so. I still intend to write some of these pieces - someday.

Kudos to all who participated! And thanks, Terry, for the challenge.

F.T. Rea said...


Yes, I know what you mean. I didn't do all of what I had in mind, either. But I did get some of it done.

The event itself, such as it was, had its effect, in that it inspired some debate and spawned a few bright ideas. It also served to sharpen some of us on what we think, and why.

Now we'll see what flows from it. I hardly expected it would change the blogging habits of anybody overnight. Hopefully, however, it will add a new spice to the soup that is the blogosphere.

Sisyphus said...

The same here. As of this Tuesday morning, my intended Sunday post is still in draft form. I'll have to save it for a later time.

Thanks for the challenge.