Friday, July 28, 2006

Geyer: You must acknowledge others' memories and principles

One of my favorite columnists of all-time is Georgie Anne Geyer. She's got style. If there’s an American political writer better qualified to opine on the current mess in the Middle East, I don’t know who it would be. Here’s the link to her latest piece on the subject, "Group Therapy in the Middle East."

“If, during the Great Family Squabble in the Middle East, someone suggested taking the whole bunch to a family counselor, there is little doubt what would happen: ‘We're treated like dogs,’ the Palestinians would say. ‘The Israelis treat us like the Romans treated the early Jews. And since no one in the world cares about us, we can, and will, use every weapon of the demented victim and the dispossessed against them -- who wouldn't use suicide bombers against their arrogant bombs and rockets?’

“‘And just how do you expect us to treat them?’ the Israelis would respond, the counselor already becoming bleary-eyed at the prospect of an entire afternoon of this. ‘They never would accept the two-state solution -- that was the U.N., you know. They’ve been an unmitigated disaster since 1947. You do know about 1947, don’t you? The Palestinians, they’ve never lost an opportunity to lose an opportunity. And now we’ve given them beautiful Gaza, and what do they do? As for Lebanon, the Lebanese will thank us.’

“Then the Syrians and the Iranians would come ...”

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