Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How bad would it have to get?

In a recent conversation with a group of about 10 friends, I posed a question: "At this point, what would have to happen? What number of deaths? For Dick Cheney to say, 'It’s time for America to get out of Iraq,' how bad would it have to get? What would it take?"

It wasn’t long before the whole group was laughing and making up extreme scenarios, etc. Soon, everyone agreed -- liberals, conservatives, and know-nothings, alike -- that no amount of carnage, no amount of our tax money being spent, no amount of inflaming the region, would ever make him say that. Cheney will never say that. Never.

That’s Cheney. To him, a plan can’t be changed. To him, to allow for change is a sign of weakness.

Once you accept that Dick Cheney and Halliburton mean for America to be in Iraq as long as any of us are alive, it gets easier to understand. Once you realize that to Cheney, as long as his rich friends are getting richer selling stuff to the government to support the occupation of Iraq, he thinks the war is being won, it gets easier to understand.

You see, it sort of depends on what “winning” means.

So, when Dick Cheney emerges from his secret bunker, from time to time, to say the war in Iraq is going fine -- not to worry -- he really means it.
Illustration: F.T. Rea

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spankthatdonkey said...

"How Good will it have to get" in Iraq before the Bush Administration gets any credit for how many free and open elections have occurred in Iraq? Isn't that a new constitution they have?

What about the "Coalition" forces that have handed over entire provinces to the Iraqi police and military?

A new free market economy with an operating stock exchange, and growth of over 10%.

Women voting, and holding elected office? It goes on and on, but yet it is always... "when will the Bush Administration admit it's mistakes?"