Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot time in Dogtown

In Richmond today, it was hot, hot ... hot. After a grueling 18 holes of Frisbee-golf, this morning/afternoon, and all that entailed ... whew, I went to the GiveLoveToBuzz benefit for Buzz Montsinger at Plant Zero. For background on that event, and what it was about, click here.Kudos to the family and friends of Buzz Montsinger (especially Bev and Shannon), for staging the event and doing a fine job of filing up a large room with just what Buzz needed to see upon his release from the hospital (on Friday, July 14) -- his friends, fans and family cheering him on, once again.
Following a set by Steve Bassett and Robbin Thompson, Billy Ray Hatley, backed by his Show Dogs and Big City sidemen got the crowd moving with the beat. Several brave souls even danced vigorously, in spite of the lack of air conditioning.Next on stage was Bruce Olsen’s band, which includes his son Adrian Olsen on drums. Take it from me, good music filled the humid air and a splendid time was had by young, and old, alike. Olsen was followed by Ron Moody and the Centaurs.OK, it was somewhat of a geezer-fest from the '70s/'80s Fan District pop scene. I can't remember when I've seen so many old Fan District Softball League players in the same place since the league folded after 20 colorful years of operation in 1994. Good news: Buzz is on the mend from his April 30th spinal cord injury. With a little help from his friends, he stood, onstage, to thank those who showed up. I left the party believing I'll eventually hear him on another stage, playing his sax, eyes closed ... same as it ever was.So, the event was well-attended and it was an inspiration being there. For more pictures and details from the bash, it was also a birthday party for Buzz, go to givethelovetobuzz.
Somebody handed Buzz a saxophone near the end of the day. I managed to get a shot of him squeezing out a note. Bank on it -- Buzz will come back.

Photos above: SLANT

Update: Longtime pro photographer Arthur J. Probst, Jr. was kind enough to send some photos that further document the day’s worthy merriment and camaraderie, to post as a bonus look at the event. The captions are his titles. Thanks Artie.
Shannon ... Buzzz

Buzzz ... Hababas Team

Buzzz ... Bev ... friends

Some things never change

Old friends ... good vibes

With a little help from his friends


MZ said...

From the stage, Buzz said, "I love both kinds of music: Rhythm and blues." For me, Sunday's music was all spirituals.
I last saw Buzz playing with Bruce Olsen's band in January of this year at Shenanigan's. (The photo in the TD, later used for the banners at Sunday's event was snapped by my friend Bobby Truax.) Like everybody, I was horrified to hear of Buzz's accident. And -- like most people I talked to Sunday -- I was buoyed and hopeful by the recovery he seems to be making. He showed great courage when he spoke to the crowd, and EVERYONE there saw his focus and determination when he -- with a little help from his friends -- stood and saluted the crowd. Buzz will blow again.

F.T. Rea said...


Good that you mentioned Bobby Truax's photo of Buzz, which was so much on display. He's the guy on the left, supporting Buzz in Artie's sixth photo displayed above.

wark said...

Terry -
thanks for this nice post, it was an awesome event. great photos!! i was so glad for the chance to play this gig (that's me with the pink guitar in the Billy Ray/Showdogs/Big City band shot). I don't even know Buzz that well (we're acquaintances, with lots of good mutual friends), but i sure felt the love for him. what a fien musician, and finer guy. it was a hell of a turnout, and the musicians were inspired. it reminded me of the show we all did in memory of the late, great Joe Sheets at Canal Club. Ain't nothing wrong with a geezer-palooza.