Monday, July 10, 2006

Bloggers discuss Weekend Without Echoes project

Beginning with this post -- Weekend Without Echoes -- at SLANTblog, an experiment got underway last week. It called upon bloggers to voluntarily attempt to post only original material on their blogs during a three-day span, July 21-23.

Over the weekend there was a lively discussion of the project. Much of it endorsed the spirit of it. Some of it asked questions about the rules, or the purpose of it. Some of it flat out slammed the concept. Here are some links to a sampling of various posts that comment both positively and negatively on Weekend Without Echoes: Weekend without echos; Somewhere in Virginia Shaun Kenney Should be Smiling; J's Notes; The Challenge: Hell No, I Don't Accept!;; "Weekend Without Echoes" - What Do You Think?; Craig's Musings; Live Blogging Session on Saturday the 22nd

There were other posts and comments that I saw, and maybe others I missed, but these links should provide a person wanting to see the experiment batted around with enough opinions to get a sense of the pros and cons. If the reader knows of a good post on the topic that should be in the list above, please let me know. I'm trying to keep up with the feedback.

Below is the updated list of the Virginia bloggers who have contacted Vivian Paige (she is maintaining a list of the willing in her blog's sidebar), or me, by email, or by comments in posts on our blogs that they will participate in the three-day experiment. Yes, that's all you have to do to be added to this list:

Vivian J. Paige; Bryan J. Scafford - Ambivalent Mumblings; Jerry Griffin - VB Dems; Waldo Jaquith; Conaway Haskins - South of the James; J.C. Wilmore - The Richmond Democrat; Jason Kenney - J's notes; Marijean Jaggers - StLWorkingMom; Alton Foley - ImNotEmeril; Chris Green - Spank That Donkey; Shaun Kenney; Jennifer L. McKeever - Jennifer's Charlottesville; Rick Sincere - Rick Sincere News and Thoughts; Claire Guthrie Gastanaga - ChangeServant; Charles - TwoConservatives; James Atticus Bowen - Deo Vindice; Melissa and Kristen - Monstrosity; Del. Kris Amundson and Del. Bob Brink - 7 West; Semi Truths; Thomas Krehbiel - The Krehbiel Strikes Back; Craig Vitter - Craig’s Musings; Don Harrison -- Save Richmond; Sisyphus; Ben Tribett - Not Larry Sabato; Adam Sharp - The Daily Whackjob; Mosquito Blog; David - Equality Loudoun;

Updated: 1:15 p.m., July 13

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