Monday, January 18, 2010

SLANTblog's VA Top Five: Jan 18

Each Monday morning during the rest of the men's college basketball regular season, SLANTblog will publish its new Virginia Top Five. For the third consecutive season it will attempt to rank what seems at the moment to be the best five teams from among the 14 Division I programs in the Commonwealth. Only games against Division I opponents are counted in won/loss records.

SLANTblog's VA Top Five

1. Wm. & Mary (13-3, 6-1 in CAA, No. 29 RPI)
2. Richmond (14-5, 3-1 in A-10, No. 30 RPI)
3. ODU (14-5, 6-1 in CAA, No. 40 RPI)
4. VCU (12-4, 4-3 in CAA, No. 45 RPI)
5. UVa. (11-4, 3-0 in ACC, No. 100 RPI)

Note: Since the last Top Five (Jan. 11): W&M went 2-0; Richmond went 2-0; ODU went 2-0; VCU went 2-0; UVa. went 3-0 to crack into the Top Five; Va. Tech went 1-1 to fall out of the list.

-- RPI numbers, which are updated frequently, from CBS Sports


Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha.....VT has 3 road losses against top 25 opponents and don't crack your top 5? what a joke! stick to topics other than sports.

F.T. Rea said...


Tech has lost twice in the last 10 days. And, at this point the Hokies, with a No. 77 RPI, haven't beaten anybody with an RPI better than there's. Your problem should be with whoever scheduled cupcakes like Campbell, Brown, Charleston Southern, Longwood, N.C. Central, UMBC, etc.

On top of that I don't allow "bwahahaha" to be posted here at SLANTblog. Please don't use it again.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Penn State, Seton Hall, Georgia are all decent OOC wins. Who has UVA beaten OOC? VT's RPI is 63. UVA's is 101.

Over the last 10 days, Tech lost two road games to two ranked opponents and blew out another ranked opponent at home. You obviously don't want much basketball.

F.T. Rea said...


Please excuse the typo (there's) in my hastily posted answer to your comment. Like the Democrats in Massachusetts, my copy editor was asleep at the switch.

And, when I look at Realtime RPI I see Va. Tech at No. 79.