Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playoffs through a prism of burgandy and gold

Today was a good day for bitter Redskins fans. The always-hated Cowboys got shellacked by the Vikings. Then the team that former Washington head coach Norv Turner was coaching, the Chargers, lost to the Jets.

The talking heads are raking poor Norv over the coals as I’m typing this. Yes! This Turner is the same former Dallas assistant coach who drove Redskins Hall-of-Famer Art Monk off the team.

Next week I’ll be pulling for the Jets over the Colts, and the Saints over the Vikings. Hating the Colts, for old Redskins fans, goes back to before the Cowboys existed.

Why the Saints? It has no Redskins connection I can think of ... I just like ‘em. The Saints haven’t ever been to a Super Bowl.

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