Friday, January 19, 2007

BYRD is the word

The BYRDistheword blog has been established to facilitate a new project of mine -- writing a book about the Byrd Theatre, a genuine 1928 movie palace. In the last couple of years, in writing a couple of articles about the theater, I have come to believe that a full telling of the way the Byrd came to be, what it has meant to the community and how it has survived, needs to be created and left for the record.

The blog will be used as a tool to stimulate interest in the project and to attract those folks who may have some helpful information. By going online in this way, it makes it easy to find me -- either by email or leaving comments -- and to share stories about the Byrd with others who cherish that old theater, others who would like to see its story documented in a proper fashion.

Click here to visit BYRDistheword.

And, thanks in advance to both the press and the blogging community of Richmond, and beyond, for whatever assistance they will give to this undertaking by helping to spread the word about this blog’s existence and purpose.

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