Monday, January 15, 2007

Blog links for beginners

For SLANTblog’s readers who have become curious about the “blogosphere” but still don’t know much about the various political blogs in Virginia, or even know how to find them, this post may help you. With more news about blogging in the mainstream press every day, and bloggers themselves moving from self-publishing to staff positions within the two political parties, folks who have heretofore ignored the blogging trend must be wondering what’s going on.

Here are some links to get such a reader started:

Waldo’s Virginia Political Blogroll is best known aggregating site for political blogs. It features posts it has grabbed from blogs across the Virginia landscape, from left to right, and links to the blogs themselves. Click here to go there.

Shaun Kenney’s blog is hosting the Virginia Blog Carnival this week. A blog carnival features specific posts from a variety of blogs, both submitted by bloggers and selected by the host. Next week’s Virginia carnival will be hosted by another volunteer host. Click here to go there.

And, here are eight more links to Richmond-based blogs that I recommend looking over. Some are focused entirely on political matters, others on a variety of concerns.

RVA blogs (a local aggregator, any style blog)
Buttermilk & Molasses
J’s Notes
Richmond Democrat
Richmond Sunlight (New web page on the General Assembly's work)
River City Rapids
Save Richmond
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