Tuesday, January 09, 2007

...the best disinfectant

The General Assembly is back in session. In Richmond, while that might sound like business as usual -- the regular showboat drunks in certain bars -- this year there is something new to do with that particular pack of elected officials. Created by Waldo Jaquith, it is the brand new RichmondSunlight web site, which will give the public a snazzy new tool with which to interact with the GA.

Here’s an info blurb from the RichmondSunlight front page:

“Lobby your senator, keep up with your delegate, find out what bills could affect your life and make your voice heard. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s fun. Fully buzzword compliant, Richmond Sunlight demystifies the often-baffling process of how a bill becomes law, giving you a say in it, every step of the way. This year's General Assembly session begins on January 10, and is slated to run through February 24. Legislators are currently prefiling bills in advance of the session.”

Click here to read Jaquith's intro to RichmondSunlight.

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