Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Case of Gus the Cat

On Jan. 31, 2000 ran this story (it was later edited a bit and appeared in SLANT). Although has purged it from its archives, Biff Downey, who owned the same Carytown bookstore Gus called home back in the 1980s, captured it and posted the original version on his web site (click here). The text below is a little preview:

"'The place has changed hands a few times since then,' Salins smugly offered. 'The problem is each owner falls in love with the cat and keeps it. But since Gus has become an institution in Carytown, each set of new owners has to find another cat that looks like Gus. The switch is made at night in order to preserve the secret. I've seen it.'

Ed. Note: On June 19, 2001 a cat alleged to be the real Gus was found dead in Carytown Books.
(Illustration by Jay Bohannan)

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