Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Shame Game

Occasionally, I read the editorial page's letters to the editor in the Richmond Times-Dispatch; here are excepts of one that made me laugh, written by Sandro Sartori, which caught my eye this morning.

"...I am sick and tired of hearing the media and Democrats complaining that the President lied to the country to invade Iraq. ...According to the polls the President's popularity is way down and people believe he lied to the country. Some, I'm sure, have visited one of the numerous Holocaust memorials. They probably know the motto of these memorial sites: Never again. They are all hypocrites. A holocaust was happening again and we all should be ashamed that the President had to resort to lying to get us to stop it. If he hadn't, Saddam would still be killing millions today. According to the polls we are quite willing to let another holocaust occur and another Hitler exist. We should all be ashamed that the President had to lie to us to make us do the right thing."

We should be ashamed!

One step beyond the blowhard accusations and threadbare denials that have been coming out of the Bush administration lately, to do with launching its war in Iraq, the letter-writer's creative approach to explaining away the administration's deliberate pickling of the pre-war "intelligence" may well be a preview of what's coming soon from Cheney, Rice, et al.

Wouldn't you get a laugh out of hearing Uncle Dick say we should be ashamed for making our poor president lie to us? Thirty years ago TV comedian Flip Wilson had a signature line that best summed up the same sort of thinking. Flip would roll his eyes and say, "The devil made me do it."

Click here to read the whole letter.


curmudgeon said...

Imagine over 400 mi li massacres. 300,000 bodies of men, women and children in mass graves executed; and in some cases buried alive. Others were horribly tortured or forced to watch their children tortured or their wives and daughters mass raped. This is what Saddam Hussain did to his people. By the way, it is uncontested he had over 4 tons of yellow cake uranium that could have been used to make dirty bombs. You won't find this kind of reporting in the bias press but you will if you bother to look for it

F.T. Rea said...

Curmudgeon: Where did you find this shocking news the gore-loving press, which thrives on sensation, overlooked? You should send this to Fox News, ASAP! Or, is it bias to the left, too?

Do you really think if what you wrote was even half-true that Dick Cheney would not be saying it every day? Or, is he in on the conspiracy to keep it quiet, too? Hey, I appreciate comments, including jokes, but four tons?

Come on. When you're making stuff up for the sake of satire, or whatever you think you're doing, it helps to have some sense of what's possible and what isn't. Maybe you meant to say "cupcakes." Yea-ah, four tons of devil's food cupcakes. Everybody knows old ranting Saddam has a sweet tooth.

Meanwhile, plenty of credible folks over in Iraq now say the torture and mayhem is worse since the USA invaded than before. It's a bubbling, bloody mess and making up statistics out of thin air, in order to support a failing war effort, hardly solves the problem. You undermine your own position when you toss such malarkey around.

curmudgeon said...

Mr. Rea, It was first made aware to me on Fox News the Hannity Colmes report, but if you want the exact details, here is a link to Free Republic which gives the details, some of which appeared in the New York times


Aside from the obvious fact it mearly takes a little financing, a few box cutters and fanatics to bring America to its knees,one might wonder where the moral outrage is for the iraqi people who were left to die under the jack booted heel of the tyrant who repeatedly violated terms of the cease fire agreement with absolute impunity. The UN, supposedly looking out for the Iraqi people's interest was of course "on the take" for a cut of the oil money

Triscula said...

Good heavens! Free Republic is now considered a "source"? While I won't click on a Freeper link, I'm curious about your contention that some of what they mention is from the New York Times. Would you be refering to Judith Miller's articles in the NYT? Most of what she wrote (during the lead-up to the war)has been debunked as baloney. Even she has admitted that her articles about what Hussein supposedly had turned out to be completely wrong.