Friday, December 30, 2005

Considering 2005

The reason I went to the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s web site had nothing to do with the post below about another scandalous local story in a year already steeped in scandal. No, I was on my way to finding the link to Bart Hinkle’s sarcastic year-in-review piece which ran on this morning’s OpEd page. Hinkle does a nice job in highlighting the juiciest stories of 2005. At this year's end, whew! laughing is probably the best medicine.

"...James River Park manager Ralph White was suspended without pay for unlocking gates to the park to abet early-morning bird-watching -- but the story lost some of its zing when Richmonders learned inmates of the city jail were unlocking cell doors to kill one another, which made the scofflaw bird-watchers seem somehow a trifle less menacing. Mayor Doug Wilder demanded fiscal accountability from the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation while acquiescing in his slavery museum's insufficient accounting for funds Fredericksburg gave it. His administration issued a stop-work order calling a halt to the Foundation's renovation of the Carpenter Center. Several members of the Foundation announced they had overcome so many obstacles and were making such swell progress that they were tendering their resignations."

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