Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Conscientious Objecting Pharmacists?

Cartoonist/OpEd writer Ted Rall takes a look at the front line of what he calls "the war over our genitals."

"When a soldier refuses an order to shoot someone, it's virtually impossible to obtain 'conscientious objector' status. A soldier who refuses to kill faces a court martial and possible prison sentence. But when a pharmacist refuses to dispense a drug that would prevent a woman from becoming pregnant with her rapist's child, he's merely 'following his principles' -- and enjoys the support of his state legislature. Luke Vander Bleek, an Illinois pharmacist who says his Catholic faith led him to fight an Illinois rule that requires him to fill all prescriptions, including those for birth control, says: 'I've always stopped short of dispensing any sort of product that I think endangers human life or puts the human embryo at risk.'"

Click here to read Rall's rant.

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curmudgeon said...

This is a subject near to my heart. My wife works in a pharmacy where the policy is to dispense "morning after" drugs as birth control. As a devout Catholic this places her at risk of her immortal soul should she comply. To not comply means she risks losing her job and we half of our livelyhood. So far she has withstood both the pressures of the company and the head Pharmacist. But in the end, we fully expect that the demand for a right to terminate pregnancy, even though we believe in our hearts it is murder, to claim a substantal personal cost to us. We pray that when this happens we will adapt, but it seems a cruel philosophy of the so-called "enlightened" to force such veiws on others in such a finitely unyeilding manner. I would never deam of forcing a conciencious objector to take up arms, nor would I even advocate a draft. Yet somehow the reverse respect for those with deep religious beliefs about the sanctity of life are not apparently to be respected by our Government if left leaning thinkers prevail.