Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cheeky Chickenhawk

Well, well, well... After Rush Limbaugh weighed in (see post below) on the ongoing hostage crisis in Iraq, which has Virginian Tom Fox (a Marine Corps veteran and now a peace activist) facing execution tomorrow at the hands of his captors, I searched the Internet for a transcript of Limbaugh’s remarks. At Limbaugh's web site I found I’d have to join up to see much more than his ads. I had wanted to quote him but joining his blithering Dittoheads was out of the question. However, some of what I did find along the way was quite funny. As I mentioned in the post below, ordinarily I don’t pay much attention to Limbaugh. So, I hadn’t read/heard anything about his infamous and useful cyst.

Moreover, I didn’t realize that Limbaugh was not only one of the most prominent “chickenhawks” on the horizon, these days, but it seems he got his draft deferment for a cyst on his keister.

This is off the charts. Is it possible that a smarmy radio personality who talks like John Wayne and walks like Pee-Wee Herman once beat the draft with a stubborn pimple? By the way, Wayne was another guy who never served in uniform and made a good living striking the pose of tough guy, while pointing his patriotic finger at war protestors.

OK, maybe the cyst story is an urban legend. I don't know. I got tired of reading about Bad-Ass Rush's various medical problems, then and now. But if it’s true, I have to say that I can remember more than a few guys who would have loved to have known it was possible to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War, owing to such a trivial problem.

To read more about prominent chickenhawks, in general, and Limbaugh’s silly deferment click here. Then maybe you’ll find it easier to understand how Katherine Fox, Tom Fox’s daughter, could shrug off anything at all the likes of a Rush "Cheeky Chickenhawk" Limbaugh had to say about her father’s plight.

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