Thursday, November 29, 2012

What binds the Virginia GOP together?

Looking at the squabbling Virginia Republicans makes me wonder what does really unite them as they face 2013. At this writing, they seem to be turning on one another. So, as a supposedly like-minded group, when push comes to shove, what do the members believe in?

Judging by the most recent elections, with so much emphasis on “we built it,” “legitimate rape” and “Benghazi-gate,” now it’s not so easy to say what’s what within the Grand Old Party.

In 2012 Republicans talked a lot about ideology. Religion. Money. Yet, whether they would agree, or not, here’s my take: One thing that bound them together through the election season has been that Republicans no longer believe in people.


Furthermore, the voters in Virginia noticed. 

OK, I just thought of another thing almost all of the country club Republicans probably agree about: They are cocksure their political party should be holding the levers of governmental power. Longtime Republicans still know they don’t want the community-organizing Democrats to hold the power.

And, whether Virginia’s GOP holds a convention or a primary to nominate its gubernatorial candidate next year won't matter much on Election Day in 2013. The voters will be more interested in knowing whether the candidate believes in people, as in "we the people."

Not a percentage ... all of the people.  

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