Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Etch-A-Sketch campaigns don’t work

It seems many of the noisiest Republicans want to blame their failure to win the White House on having nominated a bad candidate. The same was said of McCain last time.

What the chattering blame-assigners can’t seem to grasp is that the mean-spirited rightwing positions a Republican candidate has to swear allegiance to during the presidential primary season makes the eventual nominee unacceptable to a growing majority of America’s voters.

Romney just proved Etch-A-Sketch campaigns don’t work, anymore. And, suppressing the vote with gimmicks didn’t work, either.

Instead of planning more dirty tricks and planning to dump more Super Pac money into misleading ads, GOP strategists ought to take a fresh look at their out-of-date policies. What Republicans really ought to think about is WHY they haven’t been able to nominate a better candidate in the last two presidential races. 

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